Insight in Outcome

Publican provides you with a digital data-driven assessment of the public tender documents.

For Corporations
Lost a public tender? Or won, but is the decision challenged by a competitor? Within 15 minutes Publican provides you with an accurate prediction of the outcome of the public tender case. This saves you time and money.
For Contracting Authorities
(i) After drafting the tender documents, assess preventative if your administrative tender clauses contain high legal risks through the use of Publican. (ii) When faced with a challenge of your award decision, receive a fast and accurate prediction of the outcome of this bid protest.
For Lawyers and Consultants
Improve margins and gain a competitive advantage with the powerful, yet easy-to-use digital tool of Publican that uncovers and leverages hidden insights in the case law data. Moreover you have access to useful statistics on judges’ behavior / responses to key legal arguments.

How Publican works

Use AI to turn legal data into actionable intelligence

Upload your files
Upload your documents and we read out the relevant factors.
Run the analysis
Publican uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the outcome of the public tender dispute.
Fortify your position
Our technology uncovers patterns in the case law and provides the user with similar cases to back up his own case.
Document your position
Download a report of Publican's prediction to serve as an independent assessment.

Stay ahead of the curve

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