Legal Predictive Analytics

Legal predictive analytics is the forecasting of outcomes through analysing quantitative legal data, so you can take better decisions.

Publican is able to use the power of machine learning in order to synthesize the multitude of factors present in every case to make accurate predictions.

Publican's first solution focuses on public tenders and public procurement law.

Where does Publican come into play during the award phase of a public tender?

Timeline award phase


Review the administrative clauses of the tender documents using Artificial Intelligence

Risk identification
Risk visualization through color codes
Suggestion of strategy


Predict the outcome or treatment of a public tender case by the Belgian Council of State based on historical data

Why would anyone want to challenge an award decision of a contracting authority (also called "bid protest")? The bottom line goal in the protest process is to gain another chance at securing the public contract.

Prediction of what the judge will rule
E.g.: Party x has a 82% probability rate that the judge will grant his request to suspend the award decision of party Y with extreme urgency.
Similar cases
Our technology uncovers patterns in the case law and provides the user with similar cases to back up his own case.
Machine learning based memo
Insight into what and why Publican predicted.

About public procurement

Public procurement refers to the process where governments buy goods, works and services from private suppliers. Public procurement law regulates this process, while contracts are the implementation tool for the performance of public procurement goals.

The public tender market in Belgium accounts for about € 60 billion or 16% of gross domestic product (GDP) on an annual basis. At European level, public tenders account for more than 16% of Europe's GDP. According to EUROSTAT, the EU market accounts for € 2 trillion a year.

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